Monday, April 29, 2013

PIE …. Engineer – Architect Functions

The Newschool of Architecture + Design has a nice graphic that compares the differences between an Engineer and an Architect see  Architecture vs.Engineering Infographic.  

As the graphic shows it focuses on the Left Brain thinking as Engineer and the Right Brain as Architect.  A PDF version of the infographic is available here.

It compares functions of Engineer and Architect for
  • Character Traits
  • Design
  • Cost Estimation
  • Project Management
  • MATH + Physics Expert
  • Licenses 
  • Specializations. 
I like the graphic in how it shows circles with indications of significance of Left Brain and Right Brain for each of these areas.

In the Productive Innovative Engine (PIE) frame work the six team hats are as follows:

·         b - Business - Project Management

·         e - Engineer - Design & Development

·         s - Scientist - Applied Research

·         t - Technologist - Production/Service

·         C - Customer – Marketplace

·         l - Logistics – Global Supply Chain
Examining the two graphics of PIE and the Architecture vs Engineering shows parallels of creativity.
The above graphic is the back of my business card depicting the PIE Framework. More information is available at  is an excellent website that gives background regarding different types of engineering.  It is a great site for students that can benefit from the games and other content. The university search engine gives information on where to study and what to study.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

PIE …. Big A’s … Experts offer strategies for Entrepreneurs ….

Advisors and Advocates (Big A’s) are essential to the success of Productive Innovative Engine (PIE) Framework Teams.  Previous Blogs have concentrated on the core PIE Team functions that create products, services, solutions or experiences, which in turn create jobs.  This in no way means there aren’t other functions which are important and must be put in place that will address potential areas of failures.  
The article “Legal Experts Offer Strategies for Entrepreneurs” by John R Platt in the April 2013 IEEE Institute has some valuable advice for Entrepreneurs and PIE Teams.
The article states “A new company can be doomed if the right legal, financial, and intellectual-property protections are not put in place at the very start. That was the message from experts speaking on “Legal and Patent Strategies for Entrepreneurs,” a recent event jointly sponsored by the IEEE Boston Section’s Consultants Network and Entrepreneurs' Network. The Consultants' Network helps IEEE members establish themselves as freelance or independent contractors, while the Entrepreneurs' Network supports members who want to go into business for themselves.

 “As you launch a business, it’s really important to set up its foundation,” says Thomas Durkin, one of the speakers and a managing partner in the law firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, also in Boston. “You only have one chance to get it right.”

In the bestChoices concept these functions were addressed in the Common Core structures.

The “Blunder-Wonder” graphic from the article illustrates the dilemma too often encountered by Entrepreneurs in the start-up phase of their dream.
 In the original focus on “bestChoices” functions the concepts of Mr. Platt’s article are addressed in the Common Operational Resource Environment (CORE).  Due to the stress on the PIE six Team hats these have not been given emphasis, but should not be forgotten.  Many business articles expend efforts on these and short change the important functions of PIE Framework.  

Hopefully this blog will bring balance to various essential functions related to starting and creating businesses that truly produce sustainable jobs.