Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Eight Hat PIE Team Table

Eight Hat PIE Team Table

This table shows eight person team.  I believe this fits the Productive Innovative Engine (PIE) Framework nicely by expanding the six hat PIE team to include Resources and Partners Sitting at end of table.  This is a logical layout for the PIE Team. (Picture borrowed from SWERVE flyer 3/4/2016).

The graphic below from     http://bcswonline.blogspot.com/2013/11/pie.html   shows various hats
related to PIE Framework.

Shown on this image is the earlier version showing the Innovative Engine Team Hats:
1. Business (Entrepreneur)
2. Customer (Marketplace)
3. Technologist  (Operates & Makes Things)
4. Engineer (Creates Designs that solve problems)
5. Scientist (Research and creates new Technologies)
6. Logistics (Global Supply Chain)
7. Resources (new) cupped hand with coins and seedling graphic
      Human Resources/$Resources/Technical Resources
8. Partners  (new) hand shake graphic
    Sourcing & Operating Partners & Financial Partners

Adding Resources and Partners to the Team rounds out to a nice functional eight Hat Team.  This gives robustness and completeness to the PIE Framework.

May I suggest the next time you are sitting at a table with your team, look around at everyone at the table and identify each hat they are wearing.  This should give you a new set of eyes.