Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Design Funnel ... Fish-Hook-Fry Metaphors ....

In my research and study using the latest versions of Microsoft Expression Studio and Visual Studio, I have been impressed with how they have treated the design and development area. In the book “Dynamic Prototyping with Sketch Flow in Expression Blend” by Chris Bernard & Sara Summers QUE c 2010 there is a nice chart shown here that does a good job of presenting the gap between design and development. It fits well with other thinking as discussed in blogs at

In the blog the ISCORPIO Metaphor was introduced with emphasis on Innovation and Customer. Also in that blog a diagram of “Thinking Phase Views” ( shown below) was described that shows degrees of freedom of innovation beginning wide with outward thinking, then progressing to critical and then inward as the solution options become narrowly defined. This metaphor of the “Fish-Hook-Fry” was an early metaphor thinking that illustrates this narrowing of the degrees of freedom in the innovation development process.

A PDF file showing the two charts with notes is available at Comparing the two charts in the mid area where “Miracles Occur Here!!!” and “Critical – Understand” relate to similar areas in the Design Funnel. To the left of Critical “Outward” would correspond to “Ideation (Sketching)” and to the right of “Inward” would correspond to “Usability (Prototyping)”. Beneficial insights can be gleamed from reflection on both charts.

In the  blog, I proposed we should add Imagination and Innovation to STEM and call it “I-STEM”. This was expanded on in and blog  references

Triad Design Leadershop website which documents the concept of Create – Change as conducted by five heavy hitters in the Creative Design area.

• David Rose – Designer of Tactile and Environmentally Aware Devices

• Bill Grant – Designer of Business and brand Experiences "Design is more than Decorating"

• Claudia Kotchka – Change Agent and Design Evangelist

• Jason Manley – Interactive Media and Game Designer

• David Adjaye & Phil Freelon – Innovative Architects of Public Sector Spaces

It appears these illustrations speak quite well to the concept of “I” in my blogs on “I-STEM” and “CTE-I-STEM Cookie”.

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