Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wanted: Economy with a motor ...

In today's News & Record there is a headline "Wanted: Economy with a motor".  In the graphic below it shows this headline along with two views of PIE Team and the workforce by skill level.

As was discussed in the previous blog "Create-Job-Opportunities-with-PIE" the concept of planting Productive Innovative Engines (PIE) in the schools and jobless networks was presented.  It also discusses the Hats vs Fingers Metaphor.

In the report "Tough Choices or Tough Times" power point slide 8 shows a graphic "Profile of Successful U. S. Firms in the Future."  A modified version is shown at the left with relative salaries for various levels of the workforce; it also has the creative work emphasized.  It depicts a diamond area of creative work which is very similar to the PIE Team as discussed in several of my blogs

A modified version shows the profile of work types also with relative salaries.  In addition Creative Work, this chart shows Operations Work, Outsourced Work and routine work that has been Automated.
In the Worker Displacement Chart, it depicts various types of worker displacement by:
  • Automation
  • Outsourcing
  • Inadequate Resources
  • Failed Company

In addition it shows that there are worker jobs that were created by Automation.

PIE Teams are a potential answer to the headline "Wanted: Economy with a motor."  In other words PIE Teams and other concepts are discussed in my blogs which present new ways of thinking inside and outside of the box.

By planting PIE Teams in Schools and Jobless Networks they:
  • Perform Creative Work
  • Create Products/Services
  • Create Operations Jobs
  • Automate Bad Jobs
  • Outsource non-competitive Jobs
  • Provide a Competitive Edge.
I welcome feedback to the concepts and suggestions discussed in this blog and other blogs.

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