Thursday, March 15, 2012

Service-Learning PIE Wrapup ...

A number of my blogs have recently focused on Service-Learning.  This blog acts as a wrapup of these and PIE application.  A notebook was circulated among the Guilford Education Alliance Connecting Students to the Future Economy Task Force as a way of wrapping up my involvement.  Mobility issues are preventing me from continuation of my particapation in non-home activities.

The following are links to the contents of the wrap-up notebook:

Productive Innovative Engine (PIE) frame works:

GCS Service-Learning Thoughts in Blogs:
Blog Index & related resources:                  
Hopefully this information will be a useful resource to persons interested in PIE Frame Works and Service-Learning.  From my perspective, it has been rewarding to learn and think about Service-Learning; it has given me a new set of eyes on what can accomplished by incorporating PIE Frame Works.  I encourage persons to seriously consider the potential of concepts documented here.  

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