Thursday, January 24, 2013

Word Clouds … SEGCA … PIE … F4K

This blog explores the use of to create Word Clouds using extracts from Southeast Guilford Community Association website, Productive Innovative Engine (PIE) sub-web and Questions received from students to me as a virtual mentor for Future 4 Kids (F4K).

Mind Manager was used to create the mind map shown in the graphic.

The Mind Manager exported the mind map to a word document which is available as PDF file.

Source information for each cloud is provided for each word cloud and can be examined in the PDF file.

This was an experiment in the use of  for creating word clouds for information familiar to those working with SEGCA, PIE and F4K.

Word clouds are an alternate way to capture and visualize brain storming or associated extracts from documents.

I encourage readers to experiment with using information of interest to them.

Hopefully this will trigger new ideas by thinking inside and outside the box!


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Access to PDF documents above are unavailable due to site being hacked and decommissioned.