Monday, November 12, 2012

PIE Logo Impressions ...

After the creation of the PIE frameworks concept that uses the fingers to represent the various hats of the Entrepreneurial Productive Innovative Engine (PIE), I have been surprised how many hand graphics I have run across that triggered thinking of PIE.  Below is a collage that captures several of these ideas.   All of these can relate to PIE Team Players striving to achieve excellence.   
One of the first was the Guilford County Schools (GCS) presentation by Mo Green that showed a graphic on screen with up lifted hands stressing "Achieving Educational Excellence".  Our local Southeast Guilford Community Association uses uplifted hands reaching for the stars and the Southeast Guilford Foundation uses an arm outstretched picking a star. 

Clockwise from the left top we have  TEDx Greensboro, Hands Tree from Southeast Baptist preschool wall, above PIE Team Players, GCS Achieving Education Excellence, Praying Hands representing the Rudder for Future Economy, Southeast Guilford Community Foundation, Guilford Education Alliance Tree of Hands from 2012 Education Summit brochure, Southeast Guilford Community Association, Center Students raising hands with answers.

More Logos are shown in the graphic below.  Clockwise Hands locked as lifting seat, VentuRealization Community, Neon sign, PIE hands, Google fingers, Like hand, Bear Paw, Bye (stop) hand, Two Fingers people.  It is amazing where you see hand or fingers that trigger PIE thoughts.

I encourage you to look for other illustrations that could be related to PIE hand fingers.


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