Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rudder for Future Economy ….

Our economy has been experiencing a rambling path similar to the one that the Bismarck ship experienced during WW-II when a torpedo disabled the steering mechanism.
 This blog expands on previous thinking of the Entrepreneurial Productive Innovative Engine (PIE) Framework to include the concept of the hands of the PIE team clasped together  as a rudder for steering the future economy.
Tonight, while attending a spiritual worship service at Southeast Baptist in Greensboro, Chris Thorpe shared a profound concept related to our spiritual life.  He illustrated it by showing two hands clasped in a prayer mode, which he expressed was the rudder that steers our spiritual life.

The worship service was the celebration of a weekend of “Let’s Do Something” where the members were out in the community working on three resident’s houses needing repairs and maintenance work, collecting electronic equipment for recycling, conducting a church reverse (no pay i.e. Free) yard sale, making crafts for nursing home and hosting flu shots.  It was a great weekend!

Building on the concept of PIE, when the two hands are brought together one representing the six team hats and the white glove for quality can be thought of as a rudder that steers the economy by creating new products, services, solutions, experiences that in turn create new jobs.  This corresponds to the diamond at the top of the workforce triangle which is defined by some as the creative work.  It is not too far of a stretch to visualize the diamond part as the rudder of the workforce triangle that drives the economy.

Left is a graphic from the back of my business card illustrating the PIE framework.  It shows  metaphors representing various views of the PIE Framework.

Taking our thinking into another dimension of swimmers clasping their hands as they dive into the water, we see this as a way to break the water for a smooth transition and as a steering aid toward the direction desired.   
Hopefully this concept of PIE as the rudder for the economy will take root and influence thinking that will steer our future economy into positive waters and destinations.

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